Peaceful Horse

Peaceful Horse is an international educational initiative dedicated to human embodied presence and listening. Erika Rado, in collaboration with her horses, in full liberty, invite you to participate in learning to listen with your whole body and practice accessing creative intelligence with guidance.

Animal Communication

In an Animal Communication session, Erika works with your pet or other animal in your life to bring information to light.

Individual Lessons

Can you imagine the visceral feeling of connecting with a horse, without even being in physical contact with one? Relational Horsemanship training is the very first step in associating with horses. Every level is on the ground with horses. Therefore, this is not a riding school. The benefits of Peaceful Horsemanship to the human experience are countless and limitless.

Peaceful Horse Workshops

Learning Relational Horsemanship in groups safely gives students the appropriate and necessary facility of respect and attentiveness before ever touching a horse to groom them, feed them, or ride them. Together, we cultivate within ourselves, the essential communication skills of horses, which is the foundation that every equestrian dreams of with their horse.

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Peaceful Horse